Who am I? Why am I writing this Blog?

I am Ruth, 28 years old, wife to my southafrican prince Ryan, mother to our 2 year old daughter Selah and our son Nathan, who is already waiting for us in heaven. I am passionate about God, my family, children, social justice and writing. Like everyone else I experienced lots of highs and lows in my life and there are a lot of lessons I learned through it all. Maybe one day I’ll also share my story.

Because I believe that women are often overlooked and because each and every one has overcome stuff in life – that isn’t only a sign of strength, but can also be an encouragement to others – I decided to tell their stories. Stories of women like you and me. Stories of women who are both ordinary and remarkable. Stories of women who carry so much more than you can see from the outside.

So: The purpose of “The strength of her” is to tell stories of remarkable women who are unseen heroes in everyday life. I want to share the beginning of their journeys, the things they overcame and their inspiration and ingredients for living a strong life. My goal is to encourage and enable other women (and men) to live life to the fullest. Because I am convinced: Despite all of life’s challenges and struggles it is possible to be happy, receive and give love and make a change, wherever you are.

I would love to hear from you and also tell your story! Please contact me via email: thestrengthofher@gmail.com

Also feel free to share about this project and follow along on Social Media. We are on Facebook and Instagram.

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