Hope in grief

Carolyn always wanted to be a mom. The main reason for that was her own mom, Mary. Mary is a mom who was always there for her children. She brought their sports bags to school when they had forgotten them. She made them extra sandwiches so they could share them with their friends. She welcomed […]

From bitterness to true freedom

Husband, kids and a house. That’s how Jemima imagined her life. Why? She thought that’s what a successful life looks like, that’s the goal that all of us are striving for. And when she got engaged to what seemed like the man of her dreams, she was convinced that she had almost achieved the life […]

2020 wasn’t all bad – The things you learned this year

What a year. So many ups and downs – in the world at large, but also personally for every one. A terrorist attack in Hanau (Germany), bushfires in Australia, Brexit, Corona, home office, #blacklivesmatter, the refugee camp Moria catching fire, an explosion in Beirut, face masks, Trump and Biden, vaccines, a terror attack in Vienna […]

Courageous vulnerability

Sarah can’t remember what (and if at all) she dreamt of as a child. For a short while she wanted to become a doctor, but that dream was only temporary. What Sarah can still remember well, is that she never quite knew in what direction her life should go. The feeling of meaninglessness and emptiness […]

Overcoming racism

When you look at Leonela, you see a joyful, radiant and beautiful young woman, who is full of energy and compassion and who always has something encouraging to say. At first sight you wouldn’t imagine the rejection and pain she has already had to go through in her life for one simple reason – the […]

Finding home

When Fatemeh thinks about her family’s journey to Germany, she is filled with gratitude. Gratitude for being alive, safe and well. Because none of these things is a given for her. This is her story: Fatemeh grew up close to Herat, Afghanistan. She lived in a house in the countryside, together with her parents, two […]

More than people’s opinions

Marina would always imagine the following scene: She saw herself crying with women, women that were broken and at the end of themselves. She saw herself speaking truth to them, giving them the love that they were longing for so badly. How this would ever become a reality, was a mystery to her. The fear […]

Learning to forgive

From a young age, Romona was treated as though she was different and less privileged than others. As a second-born daughter in an indian family that has lived in South Africa for three generations, she was born into a nation where her brown skin determined her standing in society. During apartheid, the school kids could […]

About Me

Who am I? Why am I writing this Blog? I am Ruth, 28 years old, wife to my southafrican prince Ryan, mother to our 2 year old daughter Selah and our son Nathan, who is already waiting for us in heaven. I am passionate about God, my family, children, social justice and writing. Like everyone […]

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